Monday, May 12, 2008

today this guy and i have been dancing...

all around the house. hhmmmm not the best dance partner ever but I am loving the way he makes my carpets look!


In more photography news I will be adding lots of photos to the website in two weeks!
I will be doing a session for this amazing church - Knoxville Life

I am really excited about it because this church is fresh and new and the
y have a message I can relate to. Just love people. that is it. LOVE PEOPLE! wonderful...

I also wanted to share some clothing tips - I know this can cause crazy amounts of stress for people when getting ready for their portraits. I actually dedicated a whole page in my client packet to this subject [because I understand how important it is to you] but I wanted to just touch quickly on what I think makes a great outfit for a portrait session....

#1: THINGS YOU WOULD NORMALLY WEAR! does that make sense. I know we love to buy a new outfit for portraits and that is just find. but buy things you like and would normally wear. don't buy an outfit only for that portrait and then push it to the back of your closet. Portraits should reflect who YOU are or who your children are. Don't stuff them into uncomfortable clothes that they will never wear again. You will value images much more that capture the true essence of who they are!

#2: BRIGHT AND FUN - clothing that has lots of color/texture/pattern [not to tiny
of a pattern] photograph well and really lend themselves to a great capture. Also beautiful images with great pops of color are an amazing way to create a custom decor in your home. You don't have to paint your walls crazy colors - keep it neutral but hang custom wall art of your family highlighting fun colors!

Oh and here are some of my favorite little ones clothes I've seen on the good ol' internet as of late!

blessings and happy monday


laura P May 12, 2008 at 2:21 PM  

Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers day !
Love, Laura

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