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what to wear - what not to wear - knoxville, TN. photographer

so i am always asked what should we wear. I have a guide for my seniors but not for my family. on my December/January list of to do's until then i will just list a few what not to wear and what i think you should wear.

not: insert a little black block over your face if you have worn a
ny of these for family photos. I am kidding, i will bust out the picture of myself and my sister with me in a HUGE SUNFLOWER PRINT dress. it's HORRIBLE!

do not matchy matchy: for example do not have EVERYONE in the same color shirt with the same color/type of pant. this creates a 'blob' look. bunch of heads attached to a blob of x color.

do not wear to LOUD of patterns. i however adore a stripe here and a little polka dot there.


do pick a common theme, or a center piece item to build your families wardrobe off of. for example your daughter has the cutest dress ever. the one below let's say [it's from Boden by the way] so you would maybe find yourself a beautiful sweater in the dark pink color with some warm brown pants or a skirt. Then you could put your husband in a deep yellow shirt with dark brown pants, any other children could have same style of dress on maybe in a polka dot or stripe in coordinating colors, grandparents also would pick colors from the palette of the dress! Picking a focal outfit and build off of the colors in that outfit creates a cohesive look with out all being in the exact same thing!

do: pick clothes you love and would normally wear. do not put your husband in very dressy suit shirt and tie if he NEVER wears that... Try to just look your best self. Buy items for your session you will love and wear again and again.

do: incorporate texture and interest. with a few fun pieces of jewelry, a headband, stripe or polka dot tights with a solid dress.

do: be aware of shoes, this doesn't mean go out and buy all new shoes for the family. it's just that you do not want to limit your shots because your child is wearing my little pony shoes with an orange and brown dress... If they are not an important thought out piece of your wardrobe such as cute little girl boots, or bright colored converse make sure they are subdued, dark browns/blacks - shoes that won't take away from the shot!

motto: "coordinate don't match" repeat "coordinate don't match"

Hope that helps!

Enjoy the sunshine



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