Wednesday, July 1, 2009

tidbits and some images of course - knoxville senior portrait photographer

my good intentions of more blogging have truly gone by the way side, basically before i even started and that my friends is not good! so here I am on Wednesday the 1st of July making a promise to myself to well blog more. Which if even once a week it would be more then now - LOL.

this week so far.

- i've been listening to this non stop
i can remember when i was in the 1st grade [i think] and walking in the front door of our home on Palm Ave in Modesto - and my Uncle and Mom so excited cause my Uncle had bought the Thriller album - we popped that record on and had a dance party straight up in our living room. those were the days. now i've totally kept the tradition alive with DeLaura Dance Parties. The kids and i blast a good dance song and laugh our booties off as we dance around our kitchen - the current favorite is Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club. So much our favorite my husband has this as 'my' ringtone when I call him...

- my littles have been with their aunts/uncle/cousins/nan and pop since Sunday morning. I miss them like crazy crazy crazy but boy has the house stayed so very clean and i've been so productive. They will sleep in their own little beds tonight. I have a feeling they are pretty beat - so much fun will do that to you!

- i've been editing all my senior sessions of late. i am loving so many of the images but i will leave you with this one cause well it has to do with a contest and it's fun and if you know any high school students you should direct them to Peachtree Studio Seniors - the blog [it will be updated later today]

Best Friends - high School Senior Portrait photographer Knoxville, TN

Have a beautiful day - a lovely wednesday.
enjoy the sunshine



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