Thursday, April 9, 2009

hello to the random. knoxville tn, wedding photographer

well seeing as my hair has been every shade of the rainbow - yes even a small dose of hot pink once. no i was not a teenager or a punk when i had the pink. i was a preschool mom with a baby daughter and three year old son. ohhh those were the days. Let's face it i've had the same cut and color this time around the longest then any other. i get bored with my hair and i love a change so it's getting warmer, spring has sprung, tulips are about to bloom and i just feel the need for a little change as well. no i don't think i'll cut it - finally a good length, no mushroom top layers in sight, so cutting is not a option. that leaves me with color. right now it's my natural, born with this color, color. hhhmmmm so i've been blonde, i've been black, i've been EVERY shade of brown, i've had pink, what the heck is left. . . RED! It's a big decision and not one I take lightly so i have been searching the internet with the intensity of a [what is something intense?] oh a girl who is making a big decision about my hair. Yes that will do perfect, I've been searching the internet with the intensity of a girl making a HUGE decision about her hair! LOL here is what i've come up with. please coomment with a yay or nay - I need opinions and so far in my house these are the ones i've run into...

my husband: "yea, maybe some red highlights - not like clown red." my response: "well i did have a picture of ronald mcdonald to take to the hair dyer girl"

my son: "NOOOOOOOOO" This coming from the boy who told me "mom you like willy wonka, the johnny depp one" when i had black hair - I have to admit he was on to something there!

the daughter: "NOOOOOOOO"

So as you can see I need your YAY! to balance out those responses. LOL ok just kidding you be honest!

I think the top deeper shade i like better then the last one - may be to light for my skin. Ok tell me what you think!!!


leslie April 9, 2009 at 7:44 AM  

go for it!

sarahb April 13, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

I think you should definitely do it, but I think you should stay in the deeper shade of red...maybe even a little darker than her hair.

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